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The Benefits Of Offering Gym Memberships To Employees

By Kathy Iandoli | March 14, 2017


Not a day goes by where a new article doesn’t surface, emphasizing the need for better health. Whether it’s changing your diet or workout plan, new tips circulate frequently, all with self-betterment in mind. The question is, how can you as an employer assist in an employee’s healthy lifestyle? One way is through gym memberships. 

To some, the gym can be a scary and intimidating place. To others, it’s a necessity and a way of life. The reality though is that if given the opportunity to frequent a gym, many people will. There are great benefits to providing your employees with access to a gym. Here are a few of them.

It promotes well-being.
There is no harm in urging your staff to be healthier in their everyday lives. Work can be demanding, so a gym membership will help them release some stress before or after work, while keeping fit. Some may simply walk on a treadmill for 30 minutes a day, while others may workout for two hours after work. Both are perfectly fine, as long as they’re going.

It helps employee personal finances.
Both gyms and group health plans often offer group rates for companies, so this won’t be a huge drain on company funds. What it will do is put money back into your staff’s pockets. Gym memberships can be costly, so offering one as an employee perk will alleviate some financial tension when it comes to their personal budgets.

It reduces sick days.
Exercise is a known booster for the immune system. Just a few minutes of movement a day can make a huge difference. If your company is offering that gym membership, employees will be urged to exercise and build immunity for so many of those nasty germs floating around the office.

It boosts endorphins.
Endorphins are known to help with stabilizing moods and creating a better sense of happiness and contentment. Your endorphins are charged during exercise. When an employee takes part in that exercise, they too will get an endorphins boost, which can significantly improve office demeanor. No harm in that, right?

It helps with focus.
Studies have shown that people who exercise feel more focused in achieving everyday tasks. Perhaps it’s due to the aforementioned endorphins or maybe it’s because exercise reduces stress and improves sleep patterns. Whatever the reason, when your employee hits the gym, their work performance can change for the better.

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