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Should You Start An Office Book Exchange?

By Kathy Iandoli | May 23, 2017


In school, we’re urged to read daily, as it builds our knowledge bank as well as vocabulary. However, in the technology-driven world of the present, reading is truncated and the act is often hurried. The reality is that in any field of business, reading is still essential for many reasons. As an employer, you may read the occasional business book to better yourself as a boss, but what about your employees? Urging them to read too can help your team out greatly. That’s where a book exchange can come into play. Similar to a library, a book exchange can have a series of books donated by employees (and even you). Employees can “check-out” books and then return them when they’re done reading. The focus can be business and self-help books, but also some memoirs, fiction, non-fiction, etc. Here are some ways a book exchange can better your business.

Sharpens skills
Just as you may grab some books about business to help you run yours, your employees can incorporate that same knowledge from business books to help their own work lives. Business books can provide a wealth of knowledge, from time management to productivity and tips on how to be a leader. Your employees can become better team members while building their own knowledge base.

Builds Team Spirit
While a structured “book club” is not necessary, employees will want to discuss the books they’ve read with their coworkers. This not only encourages socializing, but also builds team morale, and urges your employees to want to participate in the book exchange. If you’ve read a book an employee has read from the exchange, it’s a plus to chime in as well.

Helps Curb Spending
Books are expensive, especially when people like to read a lot. And if employees are on a budget, it’s often harder to buy those books to read. With donated books, employees can cut back on their own spending, while still enjoying useful books to help their work experience.

Encourages learning
As an employer, you want your employees to grow, and you want them to know that you care. With the business books especially, employees are urged to gain those tools for their jobs. They can also help them with promotions, as more learning means doing a better job, which in turn can lead to greater responsibility.

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