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Can A Personalized Work Space Benefit Employees’ Productivity?

By Kathy Iandoli | May 10, 2017



Sure, that seems kind of odd at face value. Besides the fact that most employees will naturally just eventually customize their workspace with personal touches, you may notice that some do not. Maybe one photo, if that. A mug they’ve brought from home that they enjoy. There could be a number of reasons. Sometimes employees don’t want to get “too comfortable” at work; or maybe it’s financial. However, as an employer, you want to offer personal comfort levels for your team. Helping them personalize their workspace is one way.

A workspace is much more than a desk, a chair, and a computer with randomly scattered supplies. It’s the place where employees spend most of their time, being productive and motivated to work. Sometimes both productivity and motivation can be boosted when surrounded by familiarity. There is also a connection to where they are working that surpasses the standard cookie-cutter environment because they can see themselves in the space where they work. As an employer, how can you foster this? Urge a personalized workspace. Here’s how:

Offer a workspace budget.
It doesn’t have to be big, but just enough that your employees can purchase a few items that only they would enjoy. It could be buying that mug with a clever saying, or a flag with a favorite sports team. Maybe it’s investing in a few magazines to clip out photos for wall posters. Whatever the cost, even offering it will not only boost employee morale, but show that you care about their own identity and not just one part of a whole organization.

Have a workspace decorating party.
Carving an hour out of a workday to have your employees all decorate their workspace won’t drastically affect the flow of business. If anything, once it’s all said and done, your team may be energized to continue with the rest of their day. Order some pizza, play some music, and have the creativity flow.

Personalize your workspace.
As an employer, you want to show that you too are a part of the team. Don’t just watch on as employees decorate their workspaces and you don’t. It may make them feel guilty about doing it or skeptical about how unique their workspaces can be. Partaking in the activity shows that you don’t take yourself too seriously and also have a personality of your own.

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